Over the last half a decade, the Indian e-commerce segment has really got into its own. Its rise has, in fact, mirrored how ecommerce took over markets in the US and Europe in the early 2000s. A number of websites have emerged (with many of them also bringing out their mobile apps) in this time, some catering to a wide range of products and others focusing on a particular category. Hujum is the first site in its segment that offers everything – coupons, deals, cashbacks and comparison – at one place. 



Affiliate websites drive almost 6 times more traffic to ecommerce websites internationally, than they do in India. There was a need for a website like Hujum that could attract users towards such ecommerce sites, and increase their conversions. Also, a huge challenge was to educate the users, most of whom had no idea what cashback is, how affiliate sites work and how much they stood to gain by just one extra click.



SOLUTION was launched in late 2015 with this very objective. By featuring over 250 stores, cataloguing products from thousands of brands in over a dozen categories and a comparison feature that compared the lowest price for a given product across all e-commerce sites, user engagement was increased. We also offered coupons, deals and special offers in this quest.

Through our well thought out and educative campaigns, ads and offers, we got new users to visit cashback sites – people who had never visited a cashback site before.



The bandwagon has been growing since then. The user base of Hujum has been constantly increasing, and it is slowly becoming one of the major cashback, coupons and deals sites in India.