New Delhi Municipal Council heads one of the three statutory urban regions of Delhi (the others being MCD and Delhi Cantonment Board). It has 28 departments which look after various aspects of the governance of the areas under it – called the NDMC area – which includes such important places as Raisina Hill, Rajpath and India Gate, Chanakyapuri and Connaught Place.



To create a CRM for the Grievance Cell of NDMC. The challenge was to handle the wide variety of problems and issues that can arise in the governance of a metropolis, that too of such important areas as those mentioned above, and then find a way to effectively address those problems in the right time-frames and with optimum efficiency.



A state – of-the-art CRM was developed (that could categorise each new grievance based on its importance and urgency), equipped with an Escalation Matrix. Consequently, any new grievance was initially forwarded to the right people according to the metrics mentioned above, and if the issue wasn’t solved by them within the right time frame, it was escalated to the higher authority. This ensured timely action and quick and speedy redressal of grievances. A communication system was also in place to keep the relevant members of the NDMC in loop, through multiple channels, with the developments.



NDMC managed to tremendously improve the efficiency with which it could cater to the grievances it received. Due to a productive and efficient information flow mechanism, the issues reached the concerned person within no time, and were, consequently, solved quickly.